How we integrate with your Google account

Last updated: July 19th, 2017

We are building to make your life easier. That often means we're trying to integrate with tools you already use, and utilize information you already have. Google is the core platform we rely on, since it's very tightly integrated to our lives and has the closest context to what we do. Here is more insight into on how we use permissions you give us when you sign up with you Google account.


We use this permission to receive and display your name and avatar image in your profile, as well as pre-filling certain information to make your life easier.


TLDR: We use this permission to make emailing invoices easier

Once you are done creating/editing an invoice, natural next step would be sending it to a receipent. When you click on the 'Send' action button at the bottom right, a "Send Invoice" dialog is displayed with a draft email including the link to the invoice you are about to send. Once you review the email draft and make necessary changes, you click "Send" and we send the "You've got Invoice!" email on your behalf.


TLDR: We use this permission to make sending invoices to your existing contacts easier

When you start typing a recipients email address in the "To" field of "Send Invoice" dialog, we use this permission find and autocomplete email addresses of your existing Google Contacts. In case it's a new contact you're sending the invoice to, we add the new recipient to your contact list to make it sending the next invoice easier.


TLDR: We use this permission to create a calendar named '' in your Google Calendar and set/manage reminder events on your invoice due dates.

It's important to know when you're going to get paid, as well as get reminded when due dates are close by. When you send an invoice, we create reminder events under a new calendar we create called '' in your Google Calendar. This not only helps you to stay on top of your invoices, but also saves a alot of email traffic since those calendar events will give you heads up when the due date of your next invoice is close by.


TLDR: We use this permission to create an archive of your paid invoices in your Google Drive

No matter if you do your own bookkeeping, or work with a professional, having a well organized invoice archive makes things easier. To make that happen, we save PDF copies of each paid invoice in a simple folder structure in your Google Drive for you to view, organize or share as you wish later on.

We designed all these features to make your life easier, however you may revoke our access to any of these permissions at any time by updating the appropriate settings in your Google account preferences.